Portrait Photography



What if Portrait Photography was as simple as picking up a camera and asking “Say, Cheese!”, then everyone will be doing it. But actually it is not. From selecting the right gear and scouting for ideal location, to adjusting composition and perfecting light, to posing the model and editing photos in software. Every Portrait Photographer must know it all to master portraiture.

What about me, then I would not call myself a master of Portrait Photography, rather an amateur, because this is not my main direction in photography. But I like sometimes on a good day to go out with my family and friends to an interesting place and shoot these lovely faces during simple enjoyment of life.

Sometimes it turns out very well, sometimes not really, but I’m learning and maybe a portrait photography will become something more than just a hobby.

So, if you are looking for affordable Portrait Photographer in Northampton (UK) and its surrounding, feel free to contact me.

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